How to get the product update notifications

The updates about our product are sent in our newsletters to the customers’ and users’ emails. Due to the laws in many countries, we can not send promotional emails without prior consent from our customers or users.

To get the update notification, subscribe to the product update newsletter. There are two ways to subscribe to the product update newsletter.

1. Subscribe to get updates and offers when purchasing

You can subscribe to get updates about products and offerings when purchasing.

On the right column of the checkout page, under “Your Payment,” select “Get updates about products and offerings” before choosing the payment method.

Note: You will get only the newsletter about updates about IQASYSYSTEM products and offerings.

2. Subscribe to the IQASYSTEM newsletter directly from the website

You can subscribe to the newsletter from IQASYSTEM, which includes updates about products and offerings.

  1. Go to this webpage footer or any page footer of our websites.
  2. Under Subscribe To Our Newsletter, enter your email address.
  3. Click Subscribe.

Note: You will get all newsletters from IQASYSTEM, including updates about products and offerings.

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