The Fastest FMEA Software for Excel

TreeTABLE introduces the fastest way to create FMEA, Control Plan and DRBFM or any tree table with Microsoft Excel

Why TreeTABLE?

Among a lot of FMEA softwares, TreeTABLE is simple but very effective tool to conduct professional Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Save time
to create FMEA

By adding auto features for editting PFMEA, DFMEA, DRBFM and Process Control Plan, TreeTABLE Add-in eliminates boring works, help users focus more on quality issues and reflect changes and problems faster.

Reduce mistake
of methodology

Auto features of TreeTABLE Add-In work behind the scene to protect you from FMEA mistakes. Quality of product and process will improve and gain more trust from your customers.

Work with custom
Excel forms

You have your own FMEA format. That is OK with TreeTABLE Add-In because it works with any relation structure form in Excel. The customization process just take 1 minutes. And you will be free to create the content.

The Best FMEA Software for Excel

If you are handling PFMEA, DFMEA, DRBFM or Process Control Plan with Excel, TreeTABLE is the best option


Developep by quality engineers, for quality engineers.

Manage Table Hierarchy

FMEA Items listed in column and displayed in a horizontal hierarchy. TreeTABLE allows you to setting up relationship between column so you can control the hierarchy of items will be displayed.

Quick Insert & Delete

In order to maintain hierarchy between related items, Excel users have to work around by unmerging and merging cells over and over again. TreeTABLE provides you quick insert or delete items just by a click or key stroke.

Quick Risk Ranking

Evaluate risk with Excel with Risk Priority Number (RPN) or Risk Matrix is slow because you have to do it for one by one failure mode. With TreeTABLE, you can complete it with a click.

Fit and Auto Fit Content

Excel has auto fit function, but it only works with single cells, not merged cells as FMEA. TreeTABLE provides this function for all cells in a FMEA worksheet.

Built-in Template

TreeTABLE shipped with built-in templates of DFMEA, PFMEA, DRBFM and Control Plan. These templates allow you start to create your own document now.

Custom Template

You have your own form of FMEA. Create a custom template from that form will save a lot of time in the future projects.

Create FMEA quickly, right inside Excel

TreeTABLE software introduces the fastest way to create DFMEA, PFMEA, Control Plan and DRBFM

Question Marsk

Frequently Questions

Do you have a question about TreeTABLE? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us

Does TreeTABLE work with our customer's FMEA forms?

TreeTABLE was designed to work with any Excel form of FMEA. We have tested it with many car maker's format as GM, Ford, TOYOTA, HONDA, Renault & Nissan and TreeTABLE worked just fine.

Does TreeTABLE support to build custom template?
Yes, TreeTABLE allows you to build templates from your forms and save them as custom templates to use in future.
Does TreeTABLE work has built-in template?
Yes, We have built-in FMEA templates that comply with AIAG FMEA manual 4th Edition.
Do you offer free trial?

Yes, we offer Trial Edition with 15 days limitation.

Do you offer refunds?
If you are not completely satisfied with TreeTABLE in 30 days, you can request a refund and we will give you 100% of your money back.
Is TreeTABLE compatible with Microsoft Excel 64 bit Edition?

Yes, It supports both 32bit and 64bit edition.

What are prerequisite software for TreeTABLE?

TreeTABLE requires Microsoft Excel (Excel 2007 or later), Windows 7 or later and Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Do I need Administrator right of my computer to install TreeTABLE?

No, you don't need Administrator right to install and active TreeTABLE.

The Best FMEA Software for Excel

Stop wasting your time by using a specialized FMEA software