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Continue with your FMEA style but faster and easier right inside Excel with FMEA Studio

Save your valuable time

Seamlessly create and edit FMEA, Process Flow Diagrams, and Control Plans faster and easier than ever before.

Simplify the Complexity of FMEA

FMEA methodology can be complex, but with FMEA Studio, you can prevent mistakes and ensure accuracy effortlessly.

User-Friendly and Collaborative

FMEA Studio seamlessly integrates with Excel, providing a user-friendly interface that enables easy document creation, editing, and sharing.

Need an easier and faster
FMEA software?

Let’s try FMEA Studio and see why it can makes your FMEA easier and flexible

Balance of Power and Flexibility

FMEA Studio is packed with a comprehensive range of features that cater to all your FMEA requirements.

Compliant with FMEA Standards

Whether you follow IEC 60812, AIAG FMEA Manuals, or the new AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook, FMEA Studio ensures compliance with the guidelines you rely on.

Customizable to Fit Your Unique Needs

With FMEA Studio you can tailor the template structure, appearance, and risk evaluation methods to match your specific requirements.

Download FMEA Studio Free edition, no email or credit card required

Simple but full of features

FMEA Studio has full of desired features for FMEA and related documents right inside Excel

Supported Documents


FMEA Studio can create many types of FMEA, from basic FMEA, Design FMEA, Process FMEA to Software FMEA or Healthcare FMEA,...

And Related documents

FMEA Studio also supports FMEA linked documents like Frocess Flow Diagram and Control Plan.

Risk Assessment

FMEA Software - Risk Priority Number Evaluation Setting

Risk Priority Number

FMEA Studio supports many risk index (RPN, SOD, CN) and their evaluation methods.

FMEA Software - Action Priority Setting

Action Priority

Evaluate the risks according to Action Priority table according to AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook.

Risk Matrix

You can evaluate FMEA risks with 2D and 3D of risk matrixes.


Ranking Severity, Occurrence or Detection level easier and faster with ranking tables. You can also customize these table as your need

Structure Tree

FMEA Studio can display Structure Tree of Structure analysis, Function Analysis and Failure Analysis

Flow Diagram

PFD Quick Draw Tools

PFD Tools allows you to create/edit diagram quickly without manual insearting/adjusting shapes and connectors.

Process Symbol & Connectors

Add, change or remove symbol, connector for process steps with a few clicks.

Symbol Legend

Easy to add a symbol legend for your Process Flow Diagram.

Quick Edit Tools

Edit on Right-Click

The edit tools are easy to be accessed from right-click menu

Auto Fit, Auto Add

AutoFit free you from adjusting the row height again and again to make the document readable.


Customizable to Fit Your Unique Needs

If you already have your FMEA form. FMEA Studio’s got your covered.

Form structure, appearance or deep setting like column data type,… can be changed to fit what you need.


Add, remove columns or change column's properties to create the template you need.


Easy to change the appearance and style (line style, line color, fill color) of the document.

Risk Assessment Mothods

Add many risk assessment methods (Action Priority, Risk Matrix, RPN, Risk Matrix) in one FMEA document

And more...

Change many other settings of your document like process flow diagram symbol, legend, coumn type....

Frequently Asked Question

If your question is not listed here, try the support center of FMEA Studio or contact us.

Does FMEA Studio compartible with AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook?

Yes, FMEA Studio is our next generation of FMEA software (previously FMEA Analysis) mainly to adapt with new requirement from AIAG/VDA FMEA Handbook. It has features like Action Priority and Structure Analysis

Does FMEA Studio support other document like PFD and Control Plan?

Yes, with FMEA Studio Plus and FMEA Studio Professional, you can handle the Process Flow Diagram and Control Plan in the same place.

Does FMEA Studio has template/form for FMEA?

Yes, FMEA Studio comes with many built-in templates which comply with many FMEA standards/manuals.

Can I customize the template/form of FMEA Studio?

Yes, FMEA Studio is one of the most flexible FMEA software in the market. You can have many customization options like: add, remove or change columns;  modify the header content; customize the risk index ranking or change the way you assessement the risk with AP, RPN or risk matrix.

What if I want to use my Excel FMEA form with FMEA Studio?

Yes, you can customize the built-in template to meet the requirement of your FMEA format. Or you can send your blank Excel form to our support team and we will support you to make it ready for FMEA Studio.

Can I request more features for FMEA Studio?

Definitely yes. We always want to improve our product to make it more useful for our customers so we appreciate any request from the customers. Just send a request to our support team.

Does FMEA Studio work with MAC?

No, FMEA Studio Add-In 2022 is only for Windows. MAC version currently is not available. You can find the full system requirement here.

Does FMEA Studio work with Office 365?

Yes, FMEA Studio 2022 works with Office 365. You can find the full system requirement here.

How to activate FMEA Studio if I purchase a license?

You will receive a license key (serial number) instantly after the purchase completes. Then you can use that key to activate the software.

Do I get discount if we purchase many licenses?

We offer a volume discount if you purchase 3 or more licenses. You can find the complete volume discount table here.