Enable FMEA Studio in Excel

FMEA Studio is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel. Sometimes, you need to enable it after installation or changing Excel’s Options (especially for Trust Center)

1. Do I need to enable the FMEA studio?

If you see the FMEA Studio (or FMEA Studio Free) tab as the following image, you don’t need this instruction because it was enabled automatically.

If you don’t see the FMEA Studio tab, please follow this instruction to enable FMEA Studio in Excel. Now there are two scenarios:

  • Scenario1: FMEA Studio tab does not appear in the Excel’s ribbon, and Security Warning shows up.
  • Scenario 2: The FMEA Studio tab does not appear in the Excel ribbon and no Security Warning.

2. Scenario 1: Security Warning

FMEA Studio tab does not appear in the Excel ribbon, but Security Warning appears. Follow the below steps to enable FMEA Studio.

  1. Click Application add-ins have been disabled next to Security Warning.
  2. The detail of the Security Warning is displayed below. Click Enable Content, then select Advanced Options in the drop-down menu.
  3. Microsoft Office Security Options opens. In the Add-ins list, Find the FMEA Studio add-in, signed by IQASYSTEM LLC, select Enable all code published by this publisher, then click OK.
  4. If you can see the FMEA Studio tab shown in the Excel ribbon as in the first image of this article, FMEA was enabled. For some Excel versions, you may need to restart Excel.

3. Scenario 2: No Security Warning

FMEA Studio tab does not appear in the Excel ribbon, and also no Security Warning. This problem happens primarily because of the Trust Center settings of Excel, and excel blocks all untrusted add-ins without notification if you set it inside the Trust Center Setting. So you need to change this setting.

  1. Open Excel Options > Trust Center Setting > Add-ins:
  2. Ensure Require Application Add-ins to be signed by Trusted Publisher is checked and Disable all Application Add-ins unchecked. Then click OK
  3. Restart Excel and now Security Warning should show up. You can follow the instructions in Scenario 1: Security Warning section.

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