Create A Process Flow Diagram

FMEA Studio can create a Process Flow Diagram (PFD) in the document package with a linked PFMEA and Process Control Plan

1. Select the PFD template

In the FMEA Studio tab, click New Document, then select New PFMEA Package (AIAG) or New PFMEA Package (AIAG/VDA), depending on the PFMEA package you want to use. Both of them have the same PFD format.

If you have a custom template (including PFD) that you saved before, you can create a new document with it: File -> New -> Select your custom template.

2. PFD Header

At the top of the PFD form is the header. You can input basic information about the project here.

You can use the available elements or add new elements, or change or delete the elements of the header as you need. The header of the form is where you can edit it as a normal Excel worksheet.

3. Symbol Legend

You can manage the PFD legend and customize its appearance by using the Document Properties dialog. To open the Document Properties dialog, click Document Properties in the FMEA Studio tab.

The symbol legend also changes if you change the style of the diagram symbol and diagram connector in the Diagram Symbol tab and Diagram Connector

4. Symbol List

You might don’t want to use the default symbol in the template. For example, you want to use the triangle symbol instead of the arrow symbol. To change it, use Process Flow Diagram Options by clicking PFD Setting in the FMEA Studio tab.

5. PDF Columns

By default, the PFD form has six columns.

  • Process Symbol: column for the symbols of the diagram
  • Process Step No. : number of the process step
  • Process Step: process step name
  • Process Description: description of the process step
  • Product Characteristics: product characteristics
  • Process Characteristics: process characteristics

You can add more columns, modify columns or delete the existing columns to customize the form as you need.

6. Edit the worksheet

6.1. Edit process step and related columns

Except for the Process Symbol column, all items in other columns can be edited directly as a native Excel cell.

6.2. Delete a process step

To delete a process step, right-click on it (in the process step column) and select Delete.

6.3. Insert a new process step

To insert a new process, right-click on it (in the process step column) and select New Item Before or New Item After, depending on where the new item will be inserted: above or below the selected item.

6.4. Insert multiple process steps at one time

To insert many process steps at one time,

  • Right-click on a process step and select New Multiple Items.
  • The New Multiple Items dialog appears. Enter the number of the new process steps, the position of the new steps you want to insert and click OK. If you want to save these parameters for the next time, select Remember the settings before clicking OK.

7. Add process step symbol and connector

7.1. Add a symbol for a process step

Right-click the cell of the process step in the column Process Symbol, then select Symbol, a drop-down menu allows you to select the type of symbol you want. The symbols in this drop-down menu are controlled by the symbol list set in Process Flow Diagram Options.

7.2. Add connector

To connect one process step to another,

  • Right-click on the original process symbol cell, then select Connector. If the process symbol is a decision type, it has two connectors (OK and Not-OK). If the process is not a decision type, it has only one connector (OK). Select the right type of connector you want to insert.
  • A dialog opens to ask you about the destination process. Select the destination process by clicking it on the Process Symbol column.
  • Click OK, and a new connector will be created.

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