How To Customize Document Style

If you want to change table color or border,… you are in the right place. FMEA Studio’s Document Properties allow you to modify the following:

1. General Appearance Properties

Select the General tab in the Document Properties.

2. Table Border Properties

  • Line Style: Style of the table border. Select one of the following styles: None (no border), Solid, Dash, DashDot, and Dot.
  • Line Weight: The weight of the table border. Select one of the following weights: Hairline, Thin, Medium, and Thick. The Hairline is thinnest, and the Thick is the thickness.
  • Line Color: The color of the border.
  • Appy to column header: If this checkbox is checked, the above properties will also apply to the column headers of the document.

3. Item Dimension

  • Minimum height of an item cell: If you don’t use the AutoFit feature, the height of an item cell will be equal to the number in this field. If you use the AutoFit feature, The height of an item cell is always larger than or equal to the number you set here.

4. Item Background

  • No Fill: If this checkbox is checked, the cell background will have no color (blank). If this checkbox is not checked, the item background will be filled with the selected color in the Fill Color property.
  • Fill Color: Select the color of the item background.

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