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Install FMEA Analysis


Please make sure that the target computer meets the system requirements of FMEA Analysis before the next step.


Closed Microsoft Excel if it is still running. Double click the setup file that you downloaded with the link provided by IQASystem, Setup window shows up, and press the Install button

FMEA Analysis Instalation Picture

Then follow the installation instructions to complete each prompt until the end as below. The setup will install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime and .Net Framework 4 if your computer doesn’t have them.

FMEA Analysis Instalation Picture

Press Finish. You complete the installation but that is not all, to make sure FMEA Analysis can run properly on your computer, please follow the next step.

Enable FMEA Analysis Add-In (Options)

Open Microsoft Excel. In some cases, you may see the “Security Warning” as below and FMEA Analysis has not shown up on the Ribbon yet. This is because of your security setting inside Microsoft Excel.

If you see the FMEA Analysis tab shows up on the Ribbon, you can ignore this step.

FMEA Analysis Security Warning

Click on the link to the warning. You will see the detail of the Security Warning below. Press Enable Content, in the drop-down menu, select Advanced Options

Security Warning Details

Find the FMEA Analysis add-in in the Security Options. Select Enable all code published by this publisher, then click OK.

Security Warning Trusted Add-In publisher

You will see the FMEA Analysis tab in the Ribbon as below. Close the Excel and restart it, that’s all.

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Updated on March 28, 2022

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