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TreeTABLE introduces the fastest features to create FMEA with Excel

Fastest way to create FMEA in Excel

Most of us create FMEA in Excel. However, Excel is not specialized for FMEA, so you have to spent time trying to work-around with Excel’s alternative functions. TreeTABLE comes into play and introduce the fastest way to create professional FMEA right inside Excel.
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Create Custom DFMEA Template

TreeTABLE provides built-in DFMEA templates. However, you may don’t want to use them because you have to use your DFMEA forms, this turorial will guide you to convert your forms to a custom DFMEA template in a minute. Then you can utilize all features of TreeTABLE to create a professional DFMEA faster than ever.
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RPN-Risk Priority Number, Calculation and Use

How Risk Priority Number is calculated and used are interested questions. Actually there is not only one answer for these questions and they are also not the same with all organization in the world, which is why AIAG does not set a tight standard for RPN calculation and limitation. The way of an organization considers these 2 questions will be background of its Risk Priority System.
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