TreeTABLE's features

Let's change the way you create FMEA or any tree table with Excel


Developep by quality engineers, for quality engineers.

FMEA Items listed in column and displayed in a horizontal hierarchy. TreeTABLE allows you to setting up relationship between column so you can control the hierarchy of items will be displayed.

In order to maintain hierarchy between related items, Excel users have to work around by unmerging and merging cells over and over again. TreeTABLE provides you quick insert or delete items just by a click or key stroke.

Evaluate risk with Excel with Risk Priority Number (RPN) or Risk Matrix is slow because you have to do it for one by one failure mode. With TreeTABLE, you can complete it with a click.

Excel has auto fit function, but it only works with single cells, not merged cells as FMEA. TreeTABLE provides this function for all cells in a FMEA worksheet.

Visualized Searching

Excel does not display search result for hierarchy table completely. TreeTABLE has improved it with Column searching function.

Right Click Menu

A tool is not quick if it is difficult to access. TreeTABLE allow you to access editing tool with right click menu.

Built-in Template

TreeTABLE shipped with built-in templates of DFMEA, PFMEA, DRBFM and Control Plan. These templates allow you start to create your own document now.

Custom Template

You have your own form of FMEA. Create a custom template from that form will save a lot of time in the future projects.

The Best FMEA Add-In for Excel

If you are handling PFMEA, DFMEA, DRBFM or Process Control Plan with Excel, TreeTABLE is the best option