FMEA Analysis tab disappeared in Excel


One of the most common problems with any add-in of Microsoft Office. There are many reasons could cause that problem. We will go through one by one.


There are many reasons could cause this problem, follow these steps to see which one is the problem with FMEA Analysis.

  1. Open Excel and open Options from File menu, then click on tab Add-Ins.
  2. If you see FMEA Analysis appear in the list. there are 2 cases:
    1. FMEA Analysis in the Inactive Application Add-ins list. Go to Solution 1.
    2. FMEA Analysis in the Disabled Application Add-ins list. Go to Solution 4.
  3. If you don’t see FMEA Analysis, the add-in was not installed correctly. You now need to re-install with administrator priveledges. Go to Solution 2.

How to fix

Solution 1: Re-active FMEA Analysis

Excel Option Com Add-ins
  1. Open Excel Options, go to Add-Ins tab.
  2. Click Com Add-ins on the drop-down menu in the Manage and select Com Add-ins
  3. Select FMEA Analysis in Add-ins available list and click OK
COM Add-Ins Dialog
  1. If the FMEA Analysis tab appears, so you are done. But if the FMEA Analysis tab still missing. There are 2 remaining cause could be:
    1. One of the prerequisite software was not installed correctly. Go to Solution 2.
    2. FMEA conflict with one of your existing add-ins in Excel. Go to solution 4.

Solution 2: Reinstall FMEA Analysis correctly

If you’re sure that FEMA Analysis was installed with Administrator permission, go to the next solutions. Here is how to fix this.

  1. Closed Excel
  2. Uninstall FMEA Analysis.
  3. Install FMEA Analysis again. Make sure you accept to install all prerequisite software in the installation process.

Solution 3: Remove conflict with other add-ins

Try to disable one by one add-in in the list of Active Application Add-ins. Then close and reactive FMEA Analysis (Solution 1) to see if the FMEA Analysis tab appears in the ribbon or not.

Here is how to disable an add-in.

Disable an add-in
  1. In Excel Option, Add-Ins tab. check on the type of the add-in you want to disable.
  2. From the Manage list, select the type of the add-in
  3. Click Go
Add-In disable
  1. A new dialog opened, uncheck the add-in (you want to disable)
  2. Click OK to close the dialog.

If the tab appears after you disable one of your add-ins, send an email to to notice the conflict add-in. We will issue a new update to remove the conflict.

Solution 4: Enable of FMEA

  1. From Excel Option, open Add-Ins tab
  2. In the drop-down list in Manage, select Disabled Items.
  3. Click Go to open Disabled Items dialog.
  4. In the Disabled Items, click the FMEA Analysis
  5. Click Enable.
Enable FMEA Analysis