Wrap text by auto fit and fit content

FMEA Analysis comes with content wrap function, which means it can adapt the cell height to make the content fit inside item cell area for easy reading.

This is similar to what Excel has for a single cell (green cells). However, the auto-fit function of FMEA Analysis work for every cell includes merged cells (orange cells).

Cell with auto-fit

Thre are 2 ways to wrap text of FMEA Analysis.

Auto fit ways

1. Auto-fit whenever the content is changed

Simply select Auto-Fit checkbox from the FMEA Analysis ribbon tab. This option will make sure the software will auto adjust the cell height of an item whenever the item’s content is changed.

This function works for both single-cell and merged-cell of FMEA worksheets.

2 Fit content after content is changed

  1. Select the item you want to make contents fit their cell area.
  2. Press button Fit items from the ribbon.