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RPN – Risk Priority Number

1.    What is Risk Priority Number? As the name of Risk Priority Number Risk Priority Number is the number to prioritize risk level of failure modes in FMEA. RPN is used to determine which failure mode need corrective action. FMEA’s output often has so many potential failure modes, and each organization has limitation of resource, (human, money, time, technology and engineering) so they cannot address all the risks and want to focus on high risks first and RPN is common key…

Comparison: FMEA Software Solutions

Functions/Cost Standalone Application Microsoft Excel TreeTABLE Add-in and Microsoft Excel
Auto Merge, Unmerge
Auto Insert, Delete
Auto Adjust Row Height event with merge cells
Insert Picture, Shape
Customize FMEA, Control Plan
Cost 600~4000 USD/License Nothing if you already had 95 USD/License (Pro Edition)


PFMEA is a type of FMEA that focuses on possible failures that could be generated or detected in production processes. Production process includes manufacturing, assembling, storage, receiving, inspection and transportation processes. PFMEA can be used to refer a business process (set of activities) in production development, a document (PFMEA document) or a production risk management tool.

Customize Tree Table

Easy to create Tree Table with your format. Not only allow to create Tree Table with templates, it also allow user to create a custom Tree Table. You can create a Tree Table from blank or convert a current worksheet to a Tree Table. Each company has its own format of table, so you can use your current format and Take a minute for setting up Tree Table, you start saving a lot of time inputting data.


TreeTABLE help you create, edit and update FMEA, Control Plan, FMCEA or any relation structure table much more easy without leaving Microsoft Excel